Who We Are
Imagitronixy was founded by and
is operated by engineers who, for
over 30 years, have been
designing and manufacturing
electronic devices and advanced
automated machinery for heavy
industrial applications.  Industrial
equipment must be simple to use
and able to operate reliably 24
hours a day, 365 days a year for
years at a time.

Now these engineers, through
y, are bringing this
same design and manufacturing
experience to commercial and
residential customers.  Products
made by
Imagitronixy are always
built to survive the extreme
environments and applications
found in heavy industry.  They are
certain to provide years of reliable
service for commercial and
residential users.
About Us
Imagitronixy Inc.
Looking To The Future

The Meatrix System TM is
Imagitronix's  flagship product but
our engineers are not content with
their success with The Meatrix
TM.  While The Meatrix
TM will continue to be
improved and additional versions
and accessories added to the
product line, look to
for future products and
innovations to improve the
profitability of your business or
improve the safety and quality of
your life at home.
Imagitronix Inc.
8357 Colee Cove Rd.
St. Augustine, Fl 32092

Phone: (904) 417-8766
(904) 417-TRON
Fax: (904) 940-9701