Why You Need
The Meatrix
Imagitronixy Inc.

Greatly reducing the waste caused by throwing away
improperly cooked meat and having to cook a
replacement item.
Improving table turnover due to diners not having to
wait for their meal to be recooked.
Reducing the number of meals and other benefits that
are comped to customers to compensate them for their
Increasing customer satisfaction by consistently
serving them the highest quality product, in a timely
Reducing labor cost by reducing the number of meals
that must be recooked.
Requiring less skill to perfectly prepare meat.  This
allows your skilled chefs to spend more time managing
the kitchen or performing other functions.
The Meatrix SystemTM is THE most accurate technology
available to determine the level of doneness of meat.  The
system's accuracy and repeatability will improve your profits
A Sample Case Study:
$75,000 Annual Profit Increase
A restaurant owned by a popular steak house chain serves
1600 steaks per week.  The restaurant manager believes
the grill staff does an excellent job of preparing their steaks
and properly prepares 95% of their steaks.  When a
customer points out that their steak is improperly cooked
(typically over cooked), the restaurant manager typically
has another steak and associated side items, prepared for
the customer.  He comps both steaks to the customer.  
Often he offers other members of the dining party a free
dessert to compensate for the inconvenience of having to
wait for the replacement steak to be prepared and eaten.

Given the number of steaks sold each week and the
reported 95% success rate of the grill chefs, 80 steaks per
week are incorrectly prepared and brought to the attention
of the manager.  Since each steak is replaced and comped
to the customer, 160 steaks and associated side items each
week are prepared but not paid for.

If the steaks cost the restaurant an average of $2.50 each
and the associated side items cost $0.50 per plate, the
restaurant prepares $480 dollars of food each week and
receives no payment for the food.  This represents an
expense of
$24,960 of expenses each year that brings in no
income. In addition, if each customer that received a
comped meal would have paid $15 for his meal, the 4160
annually comped meals represent a loss of revenue equal
$62,400.  At the cost and price values mentioned above,
the restaurant realized a $24,960 loss due to these meals
rather than a $49,920 profit (excluding absorbed overhead),
a profit swing of
$74,880 annually.

Even if the grill staff could properly prepare the steaks an
astounding 99% of the time, eliminating this waste would
result in a
$15,000 annual profit improvement.

Random exit polls of customers conducted at multiple
restaurants owned by the chain, over thirty six months,
showed that 30% of the steaks prepared were not prepared
correctly, as ordered.  Since restaurant management
reported only 5% of the steaks cooked are typically
replaced, 25% of the customers had incorrectly cooked
steaks but chose not to bring it to the attention of their
waiter or the manager.  This suggests there was significant
room for improvement in customer satisfaction.
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