What Is The
Meatrix System?
The Meatrix SystemTM is THE most accurate means to
determine when meat has been properly prepared.  The
system is
not a meat thermometer.  Meat thermometers
accurately predict the doneness of meat only about 20% of
the time.  The Meatrix System
TM is a completely new and
unique concept. In over eight years of testing, The Meatrix
TM has accurately determined the doneness of meat
100% of the time.  The meat's internal temperature is a
parameter used by The Meatrix CPU to determine the
doneness of meat but temperature is not the criteria used to
determine when the meat is properly prepared. No other
technology can compare to the accuracy and repeatability of
The Meatrix System's unique, proprietary and patented
algorithms.  When using The Meatrix System
TM, a  steak will
be cooked to your desired doneness, regardless of the
cooking technique used.  Poultry and pork will be thoroughly
cooked but not over cooked, retaining all of the meat's
natural juices.  Baked, broiled, boiled, smoked or fried, the
meat will be properly cooked regardless of the technique

The Meatrix System's advanced algorithms can calculate
how much time remains until the meat will be properly
prepared, allowing for the preparation of other components
of a meal to be timed to be completed when the meat is

When cooking poultry or pork, the algorithms mimic criteria
established by the USDA and the USDA's Food Safety and
Inspection Service (FSIS), for the prepared meat industry, to
estimate when ready-to-eat meat has reached the 7 log10
salmonella lethality standard.  This approach allows meat to
be cooked to a lower temperature, while still meeting USDA
safety standards.  As a result, when the Meatrix CPU's
algorithms determine the meat has been cooked to the
desired level and has met the salmonella lethality standard,
the meat will be properly cooked and extremely moist and
The Meatrix CPU
The Meatrix CPU is a powerful microprocessor, built to
withstand the most demanding industrial applications.  The
built-in color touch screen makes The Meatrix System
extremely easy to use.  The color touch screen is available
in several sizes up to 15" measured diagonally. The CPU
can operate from most any AC power supply.  A version is
available for use with 12 volt or 24 volt DC marine or
automotive power supplies.
The Meatrix Sensing Probes
Meatrix Sensing Probe
Like all components making up The Meatrix SystemTM, The
Meatrix Sensing Probes are built to withstand the most
demanding of industrial appilcations.  The insertion probes
are made of stainless steel.  All components of the probes
are rated to operate at high temperatures.  It is possible to
connect as many as 4000 probes to the CPU
The Meatrix Wireless
Sensing Probes
The Meatrix Wireless Sensing Probes are battery
powered and allow The Meatrix Sensing Probes to be
used remotely from the CPU, without wires connecting the
CPU to the probes.  The wireless probes can be as far
away as 400 feet from the CPU, assuming a clear line of
sight between the CPU and the probes.
All Meatrix Systems are custom built to meet
each customer's special needs.  Please
contact us to receive YOUR unique Meatrix
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