--The Meatrix System TM--

For Precision Meat Preparation Nothing Else Measures Up
Imagitronixy is the creator of  The Meatrix System TM.  The Meatrix System TM
is a revolutionary, unique and patented technology that makes meat
thermometers obsolete.  The system accurately monitors the meat cooking
process.  Its proprietary computer algorithms accurately determine the degree
of doneness of cooked meat products with an accuracy never before possible,
no matter how you cook.
The CDC says 48 million Americans suffer
foodborne illnesses annually with 128,000 going
to the hospital and 3000  Americans die.
With The Meatrix System you will know your
meat meets USDA standards WITHOUT
cooking to the extreme temperatures typically
The extreme temperatures dry out the meat and
cause excessive shrinkage.
Even the best professional chefs get the
doneness wrong 30% of the time.
Who Needs The Meatrix System TM   ?
If you cook meat - YOU do.
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Imagitronixy Inc.
Restaurant Grill
The Meatrix System
At Home and Away
The Meatrix System
Over 1.5 ounces of juice from a 12 ounce
chicken breast, that still exceeds USDA
safety standards.
Cooked the way you want it - EVERY TIME
For Commercial and
Restaurant Users
Lobster cooked with The Meatrix is
amazing, even if cooked over an open flame